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does not need to change its principles. >> with the same old lines. karen finney and eugene robinson take on the losing strategy. >>> senator saxby chambliss of georgia is a lame duck. tonight we look at his flawed legacy. >>> and more on the fallout from the pbs documentary "the untouchables." why isn't wall street on trial? mike papantonio, head of the national trial lawyers association is here to explain. good to have you with us folks, thanks for watching. the fight is on. the attempt to steal the next presidential election by stealing the electoral college are facing resistance, and the resistance is working. earlier today rnc chairman reince priebus was rewarded for his failures of the 2012 election by being reelected as head of the republican party. good news. priebus told republicans to start looking at a broader electoral map. >> it's time to stop looking at elections through the lenses of battleground states. we have four years until the next presidential election. and being a blue state is not a permanent diagnosis. >> reince priebus is on record saying the votes to favor
right on that. i'm an ob/gyn doctor. >> karen finney on the gop's newest charge on women. >>> howard dean gives us the outlook on filibuster reform. >>> and the trillion dollar coin. >> you guys have a position on this trillion dollar coin business? >> it's just crazy enough to work. chris nowinski of the sports legacy institute lays out the next steps in taking on brain injuries in the nfl. good to have you with us, folks. thanks for watching. president obama says the country needs the take immediate action on gun violence. it looks like he'll get a comprehensive plan on his table next week. vice president joe biden held another round of meetings today on gun reform. today the meetings were with representatives of the video game industry. biden says the conversation was part of the administration's far-reaching approach. he says the country is looking for help from everyone. >> we know this is a complex problem. we know there is no single answer. and quite frankly, we don't even know whether some of the things people think impact on this actually impact on it or not. and so i want y
to talk about this, let's bring in our panel, we have karen finney, and former dnc communications director, we have guy benson, political editor for and mark simone wor radio talk show host. good evening, everybody. >> hey, larry. >> guy benson, let me start with you. if you're talking about restricting automatic guns. if you're talking about restricting these 100-bullet magazine cartridges and so forth, you can't do that by executive. >> well, i totally agree with that. and you are sometimes starting to hear automatic weapons con flated with semiautomatic weapons conflated with automatic assault weapons. some of the jargon that goes on. you're 100% right, i'm not a conservative when it comes to gun-related issues. i think that any restriction has to meet a constitutional test. and also the test of whether or not it'll actually remedy the problem that presents itself. if we're going to do this, at least do it the way that governor cuomo is doing it, through the legislative process, rather than the way the president has attempted to do it as he has time and again where hep find
bachmann is still on our intelligence committee. msnbc political analyst karen finney on the harsh reality ahead. stay with us. >>> one of the things we got to do is put a legal architecture in place, and we need congressional help to do that to make sure that not only am i reined in, but any president is reined in terms of some of the decisions we're making. >> that was president obama back in october, addressing concerns over the nation's drone strike program, part of the larger war on terrorism. despite the kind of campaign rhetoric, the obama administration has taken few steps to rein in the program intended to target terrorists. the president has insisted that drones have been used only to prevent an operational plot against the united states. yet as the guardian reports, america's use of drones has soared during obama's time in office, with the white house authorizing attacks in at least four countries -- afghanistan, pakistan, yemen and somalia. it's estimated that the cia and the united states military have undertaken more than three hundred drone strikes and killed about 2500 peop
health care was. >> karen finney joining us from washington. is this provision, which you can't have a magazine that holds more than seven bullets. and so that need to reload after seven bullets, if jared loughner had to do that in tucson, arizona, fewer people would have been shot and killed there. >> right, and i think there is a provision if there is somebody in your home who has mental illness, you would have to have the gun locked up. look, there are a number of provisions that governor cuomo and the legislature put in place, that is a model. the nra wouldn't like that, they have a different motto, the stand your ground laws. i think there are a lot of th g things -- i want to say two things, on this fake argument over the assault weapons ban, what is an assault weapon? i mean, i talked to somebody who is a special forces officer who is deploying to afghanistan. this is a guy in iraq, afghanistan, like knows a thing or two about this. and he said no, that is the kind of gun, a civilian version of the kind of gun we carry in war. you had general stanley mcchrystal, i think i'll
's karen finney who served as deputy press secretary to clinton, and press secretary, co-authoring a book about the 2016 prospects. karen finney, what do you know to be the truth here about hillary clinton's feelings about president obama? and explain to us how people can get over the first clip, in what we showed about them running against each other. >> people don't realize it, but the club of people who have been either president or first lady is very, very small. so in many ways, hillary clinton is one of the few people, her husband being another one close to this parent who really understands in a very visceral personality level what it is to be president. what it is to try to raise children in the white house. what it is to try to make decisions on a daily basis. so i believe that their friendship is very sincere, because it is part of the reason that you see presidents, former presidents become friends after they have left the white house. because again, there are only a few people who really understand what that is really like. and what the challenges are really like. so i think i
pledge is dead. and it's the end of an era for conservatives. tonight, karen finney and michael steele on the republican party in disarray. the keynote speaker at the republican convention destroys the republican congress. >> there is only one group to blame, the house majority and their speaker, john boehner. >> congressman jerry nadler on the republican disgrace over sandy relief funds. >>> and when should hillary clinton expect those apologies from fox news? >> hillary has severe benghazi allergy. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. it's a new year and a new deal there is still a big fight ahead, but 2013 started with a major victory for the white house. >> the motion is adopted without objection a motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> with 257 votes in the house of representatives, 85 of them coming from republicans, all to put a deal together to avoid the fiscal cliff. and yes, it was passed. there was compromise on both sides, both middle class americans went back to work today knowing their current tax rates are permanent. financial markets,
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down the rabid reaction to the president with eugene robinson and karen finney. >> too many in this country have been silent too long. those 20 beautiful children who lost their lives in newtown are no longer able to speak for themselves. >> plus, the vice president kicks off the gun safety campaign. but will the senate democrats have the guts to take the votes? tonight, i'll remind congress what courage looks like. >>> and there is either a major hoax, major lies, or both going on at notre dame. >> i cry. i yell. i never felt that way before. last thing she said to me was "i love you." >> tonight, the latest on the manti te'o story with the people who broke the story at deadspin. and howard fineman on how the rest of the sports world blew the story. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. we knew it was coming. the conservative reaction to president obama's common sense gun measures was far too predictable. >> today marked one of the most brazen attempts ever by an american president to unilaterally implement new laws without the consent of the leg
as forces on the right line up to stop him. >> obama is seeking political victory. >> tonight karen finney and e.j. dionne on the president's historic proposal and the republican pushback. >> just remind everybody, obama is not going to be president forever. >>> hillary clinton takes a powerful curtain call at foggy bottom. >> it's really important that women are out there competing at the highest levels of government and business. >> i'll tell you if she dropped any hints about 2016. >>> plus, the sandy bill passes in the senate. but not before 36 republicans totally disgrace themselves. i'll introduce you tonight to the sandy 36. >>> and it's a modern-day civil rights struggle between workers and management in the state of mississippi. i'll tell you why these nissan employees say they're being denied a voice in the workplace. good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching there is more hope tonight for 11 million people who are currently living in fear. >> i'm here today because the time has come for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform. the time has come. now is
for joining us tonight. >>> coming up, secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. karen finney will join us now, on what republicans are saying on whether or not she was really ill. >>> and on the rewrite tonight, how the senate works and how it works much better than you think it does. much better than anyone tells you it does, which is exactly what it did today when everybody thought the senate was not working at all. she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink
is the biggest surprise of 2012. karen finney, what was the biggest surprise of 2012? >> that we were able to call the election right around 11:00. >> you know, i wasn't surprised by that. >> wow weren't surprised? >> i actually thought that's what was going to happen. >> i literally had thought that it was going to be a much longer night. >> most people did. >> i thought it was going to be a much bigger mess. i did not think the president was going to win without us having some debacle in florida. thankfully we did. >> joy reid, the biggest surprise. >> the biggest surprise is that mitt romney actually chose paul ryan as his running mate. i have to say i said on the very last word, the after show to this show and i think i was with ari, you know, who should romney pick, pick paul ryan. ideologically he's the right guy. but is the democrat secretly? i was like, oh, please, pick paul ryan. i didn't think he would do it. >> there were so many reasons not to pick him. >> so many reasons not to pick him. as a democrat it was the perfect thing because it crystalized all the things that democrat
is going to be less likely to win. >> karen finney, i can absolutely imagine both of them running. i don't think there will be a cooperative conversation. >> oh. >> i mean, joe biden, joe biden, look, each one of them watched the other lose a presidential primary. okay? they -- i don't know why either one of them would stand down in the face of -- hillary clinton obviously wouldn't. >> you have to ask yourself, running for president is like being hung by your fingernails. i mean it is really, really, a miserable task. >> which both of them have freely chosen in the past. >> they have, so the question is do you want to subject yourself to that again? i would make the prediction that whatever we predict won't happen. >> hillary clinton, that was her problem going into the last campaign. she had a negative rating higher than her approval rating. she has helped that thanks to being president obama's secretary of state. >> right, and we know that first lady and secretary of state are typically two that have the highest ratings, in administrations of both parties. you're seeing today, the wron
analyst and former communication director karen finney, and columnist for "the hill" as well, and analyst and former rnc chairman might beal steele. good morning. >> good morning. >>> when things broke down with harry reid, the white house stepped in with the vice president to broker a deal. what's going on here, karen? is the president playing a game of chicken? will the white house change its mind? or is this truly a line in the sand? >> i think it's a real line in the sand. the president has been very consistent and serious from the beginning on this. i think there's a couple of goals. congress can't have it both ways. you have to act responsibly and pay your bills. that's part of why i think the president said if you want me to be in charge, fine, i'll take care of it, but that's not how our government is set up. so i think clearly the president is not going to back back down. the last time we had a shutdown, there's not shut down a piece over here or there. when you shut it down, there are very serious consequences for the american people very immediately when you do that. >> among t
from washington msnbc political analyst karen finney, and democratic strategist julian epstein. karen, if i might begin with you, the president of the nra, david keene, says an assault weapons ban would never make it through congress and that any limits on high capacity ammunition clips would also fail and larry pratt h executive director of the gun owners of america, says background checks are a complete waste of time. so why don't we all now go home and look forward to the next mass shooting. >> yeah. we might as well. you know what? and while we're at it let's give up on the debt ceiling, give up on health care implementation. you know, why bother? we're not going to solve any problems because it's going to be too hard to ask our members of congress to do their job? here is the thing though, you know, look at how intensified and ugly the rhetoric got last week, talks of insurrection and 1776 and stalin and hitler and then over the weekend these pronouncements that it's not going to happen, no way. what that tells you they're becoming increasingly desperate because there's also a ga
. >> the record speaks for itself. >> let's get to our panel now. msnbc political analyst karen finney while slouching but now isn't, and msnbc contributor goldie taylor joins us. karen, what's your view to the apparent lack of diversity in the president's cabinet as he moves forward? >> on the one hand i was disappointed in the picture, but i do feel like we need to wait and see what the full complement looks like and as others have pointed out, there are women in the cabinet, he has put two women in the supreme court. overall in the first term he's had a stellar record. at the same time though, martin, my bigger point here is i think we need to take the bigger picture. this is not just about who president obama appoints to his cabinet. we know this country has changed demographically and a broad coalition of voters elected this president, but i think we should hold everybody accountable for making sure there's diversity. while i was disappointed to see thus far we haven't seen the kind of diversity i hope we will see when we see the full picture, i think there's a much bigger question and
. with us from washington is msnbc political analyst karen finney and michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution. good afternoon to both of you. karen, senator kerry put great emphasis today on fiscal matters as relates to u.s. foreign policy. he said, and i'm quoting him, more than ever foreign policy is economic policy. is that an answer to republicans who criticize security lapses while simultaneously slashing the state department's budget? people like rand paul who would have slashed the state department by 71%? >> right. well, let's remember rand paul also wouldn't have voted for the 1964 voting rights act before we give anything he'd say any credence. absolutely. the other point john kerry was trying to make is when we talk about spending cuts, there are implications to those cuts, real consequences. but also we can't just retreat inside our own borders because -- particularly think about the conversation we've been having about the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling. the american economy somebody very important to the global economy. we cannot have the kind of nonsense we've ha
wrote to the president following the tragedy. joining me, karen finney, washington bureau chief david corn, and assistant editor for "fortune," leigh gallagher. he and the vice president outlined other proposals they hope will put an end to incidents like the sandy hook shooting. >> i have no illusions about what we're up against or how hard the task is in front of us, but i also have never seen a nation's conscience so shaken by what happened at sandy hook. the world has changed, and it's demanding action. >> what we should be thinking about is our responsibility to care for them and shield them from harm and give them the tools they need to grow up and do everything that they are capable of doing, not just to pursue their own dreams, but to help build this country. this is our first task as a society. i'm putting forward a specific set of proposals based on the work of joe's task force, and in the days ahead, i intend to use whatever weight this office holds to make them a reality. because while there is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence complete
is dead. and now a woman who will never have to sit down with oprah and confess her sins, karen finney. >> thanks, guys. and good afternoon. i'm karen finney in for martin bashir on this friday, january the 18th. the polls are in, americans have spoken. they want gun safety, and that's one more reason the right is pulling its hair out. >> we're going to let their voices, the voice of the american people, be heard. >> you're right to own a firearm should not interfere with my right to live. >> this is a president i think who has drunk the kool-aid. he is feeling right now high on his own power. >> there is the video just right there. it will make perfect sense in a couple minutes when we talk about the news. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> to have talk about the president's children, to use that somehow to try to make a political point i think is reprehensible. >> high capacity magazines don't have a pragetcle sporting purpose or hunting purpose. you have 12 rounds. it means you've already missed the deer 11 times. >> i think it's really sad to see the presiden
on in the show. >>> i'm joined tonight by karen finney, msnbc analyst and former communications director for the dnc. and e.j. dionne, author of the book "our divided political heart" which is now available in paperback. way to roll, e.j. dionne. >> good to be with you. >> i'm so bothered by this. i really feel like we're headed down the road of bureaucratic red tape instead of helping the voices that you just heard on this program. e.j., why are we doing this? >> i mean, let's be honest. we're doing this because barack obama won an election and got overwhelming support for latinos. and republicans looked at the latino numbers and a lot of them are saying we can't be stuck in this position if we're to win an election another day. now, i do think there are republicans who have been serious about this. john mccain is actually one of them with a very brief detour during the 2008 campaign. but you're right. we're also doing this because this is the right thing. and it's one of the things mccain said that day, which is really powerful, where he said these are folks we have come into our count
that is already under way. all right. that does it for us here at the cycle and we've got karen finney in the chair for martin today. >> hey, thanks, guys. good afternoon. i'm karen finney in for martin bashir who is out sick on this thursday, january the 31st. republicans are going after one of the president's men. but did they get him? >> our men and women in uniform and their families must never doubt that their leader's first priority is them. >> our concerns pertain to the quality of your professional judgment. >> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to be secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics. >> i want to know if you were right or wrong. that's a direct question. i expect a direct answer. >> those who cried appease, appease are hanged by those they tried to please. >> it's a fundamental difference of opinion. >> appeasing our adversaries while shunning our friends. >> do you believe that all options should be on the table when we confront iran? >> absolutely. >> the question is were you r
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 91 (some duplicates have been removed)